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Academic Tuition

Ceaseless English Grammar and Academic Writing

Instructed by a University English Lecturer whose students have accomplished 8.5 in previous IELTS tests, this Ceaseless module is suitable for those who would like to boost their academic English skills.  

Ceaseless is an intensive training that assists learners to achieve the English language proficiency required to pursue their academic ambition. It fosters learners’ language sensitivity through helping them build a solid foundation in standard English grammar and English usage. 

Timeless Literary and Graphological Analysis

Targeting those who would like to enhance their quality of literary and graphological analysis, this Timeless module features exam-oriented revision courses designed from Examiner’s perspective based on official mark schemes and latest exam trends. 

Detailed explanations on all the formal and stylistic features you need to know in order to ace the exams. The most frequently-tested literary and graphological devices disclosed! 

Not only suitable for IBDP students, our comprehensive courses and resources help MYP and GCSE/IGCSE students form a solid foundation for DP and A-Level studies.