Module 2 : Ceaseless English Grammar and Academic Writing


What is a Phrase? What is a Clause? Are They the Same? 

(22nd July, Wednesday, 10am-11am) 

The concepts of “phrase” and “clause” are building blocks of constructing grammatical sentences. If you can’t master their functions, your grammar would forever be wrong. 

Do You Know How to Use Semicolon in a Non-Chinglish Way? 

(12th August, Wednesday, 10am-11am) 

Semicolon in English is not used in the same ways as it is in Chinese! Don’t use semicolons when you create a list! Oh…then how shall it be used? 

Why Do You Always Write Run-On Sentences without Knowing It? 

(16th September, Wednesday, 5pm-6pm) 

Wait…What? In fact, what are run-on sentences? How detrimental would it be if I keep writing run-on sentences? 

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