Democratization of Pearls

A Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Democratization of Pearls:

An Introductory Summer Course on Economic and Environmental Sustainability


To develop a comprehensive global perspective, a student needs to cultivate both disciplinary and interdisciplinary understanding that meets rigorous international standards. To reach such goal, this summer course is an introductory implementation of such academic and experiential inquiries through the intricacies of pearls in human civilizations.

Why pearls? Pearl farming is closely connected to the earth’s marine ecosystems; through understanding the developments in pearl oyster cultivation, students can explore the delicate relationship between climate change and ecological health, thereby raising their awareness on the burning need of environmental protection and redistribution of resources.

This STEAM course is suitable for teenagers who are 13+. Adopting a project-based learning methodology, pedagogical practices like lectures, debates and multi-media presentations will be utilized to inspire as well as engage students’ participation.

This course is particularly useful for achievers who target to enter renowned universities with an impressive portfolio that demonstrate their personal contributions to the community and environment. In the future, there will be an on-site stewardship in 巽寮 (China) and 西貢 (Hong Kong) for dedicated students who would like to develop their expertise in sustainable developments.

Strategic Partner: Hong Kong Pearl Cultivation Association (